For Sale Land, Kaspi Municipality, Municipalities of Shida Kartli

26.10.2022 2722
(1 m² - 22₾) (1 m² - 8$)
  • Real estate status: Orchards - Fruit lands
  • Area:150000 m²
  • Electricity
  • Lake : 5000 ტონა - აუზი
  • Fruit Garden : ნუშის ბაღი
  • Building : 1000 m²
  • Agricultural machinery : 2 ტრაქტორი.
ბიზნესი : შემოსავალი ნუშის ბაღიდან
  • Agricultural purpose
  • Natural gas
  • Sewage system
  • Internet
  • Water
  • Irrigation system
  • Gravel road - 500 მეტრი.
  • Asphalt road
  • Panoramic views
  • Fenced area
  • Green space
  • Security room
  • Surveillance cameras
Information in details

With exclusive rights !!! Available for sale !!! (Photo and video material are copyright) Almond Garden, sawmill in Kaspi district, in the village of Gomijvari !!! 900 meters above sea level. It is 18 kilometers away from the city of Kaspi. Agricultural land includes a total area of: 15 ha. (150,000 sq.m.) area. 10 hectares from here. An almond orchard of "Supernova" and "Mopareli" cultivars has been planted. 4-year-old seedlings (last year yielded the first sample fruit). Up to 3000_foot. Cultivated under the supervision of an agronomist to full standard. 2.5X3 distance between seedlings. Fully irrigated, with irrigation system. On European machines. The area is completely fenced with barbed wire and netting on acacia poles. All communications entered by subscription: e. Energy, natural gas, water. An individual sewer system is made. There are two reservoirs in the entrance area of the plot: 500 tons _ 312 m2. And 4500 tons - 1200 m2. Depth _ up to 7 m. 2 guardrails at the entrance and in the middle of the center. There are also buildings for different purposes. Total area: 1000 m2. And includes: grain warehouse, farm building, kitchen space, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms with its own bathroom, warehouse of open type "Naves". There are cameras in the area, outdoor lighting systems are installed around the perimeter. Is close to the settlement, ideal in terms of workforce. There are also 120 new seedlings of different varieties of fruits: apples, cherries, cherries. Rose Garden 100 feet. The asphalt road goes to the end. Followed by agricultural machinery. (At an additional price it is possible to add 8 hectares of land adjacent to the adjacent area). Ideal for a cottage to build a new complex. Price: $ 1,200,000. Tel: 592 727200; 592 727247;


(1 m² - 22₾) (1 m² - 8$)
MBG Group (+995) 592 72 72 47