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For Sale Land Tokhliauri Sagarejo Kakheti

13.04.2024 2604
(1 m² - 11₾) (1 m² - 4$)
  • Real estate status: Orchards - Fruit lands
  • Area:55000 m²
ბიზნესი : შემოსავალი მოსავლიდან.
Information in details

Exclusive right!!! Listed for sale!!! "Chandler" breed walnut garden. Sagarejo district, village in Tokhliauri. Total land area: 5.5 ha (55,000 sq.m.) In 2017, 4 hectares were planted and cultivated with walnut seedlings brought from Turkey. Currently 5 years old kindergarten. Last year more than 1 ton was harvested. With a growing crop, until full maturity. Perfectly maintained, cultivated in compliance with all regulations, under the supervision of an agronomist. An irrigation system is installed, it can be fully irrigated. Irrigation canal pipes will descend on both sides of the territory. According to the analysis, the land is ideal, black earth soil. There is a common room/carriage in the area. 1.5 ha. There is empty land. Cultivated, plowed, it is possible to add a new garden, 1 ha. From 220 to 280 seedlings can be planted, correspondingly up to 350 seedlings will be added. The distance from the central highway is 2 km. There is a good dirt road. 1 km. A new freeway will pass. Price: 220,000 USD. dollar. Tel: 592727200; 592727247;


(1 m² - 11₾) (1 m² - 4$)