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For Sale Land Cheremi Gurjaani Kakheti

21.06.2024 7544
(1 m² - 52₾) (1 m² - 19$)
  • Real estate status: Camping / Ranch plots
  • Area:50000 m²
  • River : პატარავეთი
  • Agricultural purpose
  • Gravel road - 5 კმ.
  • Asphalt road
  • Panoramic views
  • Green space
  • Forest massif
Information in details

What we present to you now is unspoiled beauty tucked away in the wild. It is located in Gurjaani district, village In Cherem, which is offered for sale by Embij company with exclusive right! Total area: 5 ha. (50,000 sq.m.) agricultural plot of land, 3 ha located on it. A beautiful lake surrounded by massifs of mixed forest, remaining 2 ha. The territory forms the shores of the lake (with the prospect of increasing the land in the future). The territory gives you a unique opportunity to develop a completely new direction of eco-tourism, the like of which does not exist in Georgia. Believe me, this is a small, untouched, most beautiful paradise on earth created by nature. The lake is fed by the Pataravet river. It is 5 km from the central highway. A dirt road with two accesses, both from Veliskikh and from Kachreti. A road that needs to be rehabilitated, that's why it is incomparable due to its location, to its inaccessibility. The project includes the planning of the state road, according to which the new road will give us an opportunity for its further development. are you interested Then follow me, I'll explain what you need to create here: you need to create a ranch-type farm and implement the largest technological ecosystem (with its own e-supply). Wooden stained-glass, modernist, minimalist style cottages, where you can see and feel the essence of nature. Organize ATV tours, which will be full of unforgettable sensations and emotions. Fishing and developing the traditional Georgian cultural field - crafts, both sports and traditional. Develop horse riding tours, create a camping environment, etc. I understand that it is not easy, but it is also not achievable, because here concrete, iron and cement do not create an environment and kill. Here the wildlife grows and it is enough to start with a minimum. Contact me, I will follow you personally. Tel: 592727247; 592727200;


(1 m² - 52₾) (1 m² - 19$)