16 Feb 2024 3203

New regulations of MBG Group

From today the company MBG group starts working with new regulations!!!
Based on the current situation in the real estate market, while the field of real estate services and brokerage activity is still undervalued, a decision was made to change the advertising conditions in our company, which includes the following:
• Starting today, Ambige Group will accept applications for real estate for sale only on the basis of an exclusive right service agreement.
• This right includes real estate for sale, which will be worked unconditionally by only one company, ours.
• In addition, the terms of the contract will be written as strictly as possible.
• For today, we are canceling existing ads from all advertising portals and social networks (except for exclusive properties).
• If you want to cooperate with our company to sell your real estate, business or any asset as efficiently and quickly as possible, you should consider the above mentioned conditions.
• Our ability and resources are much larger and large-scale both in Georgia and outside its borders, and this has been repeatedly proven by our company, with various types of expensive and priceless deals.
• Our potential customer base and practical implementation of their requirements is also large.
• We are not all, and we have a great ambition to do so.
We are ready for direct and comfortable relations with you!!!