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For Sale Land, Ivanovka, Tetritskaro Municipality, Municipalities of Kvemo Kartli

21.03.2024 8636
(1 ჰა - 15100₾) (1 ჰა - 5556$)
  • Real estate status: Farming - Agricultural lands
  • Area:450 ჰა
  • Electricity
  • River : რემდენიმე წყარო.
  • Fruit Garden : სხვადასხვა ხეხილი.
  • Building : 2000 m²
  • Natural gas
  • Water
  • Gravel road - 5 კმ.
  • Asphalt road
  • Panoramic views
  • Fenced area
  • Green space
  • Forest massif
Information in details

Available for sale !!! 450 ha. Land assets, 75 kilometers from Tbilisi, in Tetritskaro district. A small amount of plums, nuts and mixed fruits are cultivated in the mentioned area. There are several buildings for different purposes: livestock farm capital building 2000 mW; The second capital building of the livestock farm is 200 mW; Warehouse building; Residential house and office; Included: electrical wiring with transformer; Water supply; Several areas are partially fenced. The land is surrounded by a beautiful forest and its arable lands and pastures. Natural spring waters come out of the area at different locations. Ideal for: livestock, farm ranch type farm. For the cultivation of any annual crop and the development of eco-tourism, as the territory belongs to the highland region and is included in the list of ecologically clean areas, which significantly changes the taste of the product of the annual crop grown on biologically and ecologically clean land. Unique views of nature, forest, mountains with its beautiful nature. 1400 meters above sea level. Price: USD 2,500,000 equivalent in GEL. Tel: 592 727247; 592 727220; 592 727200; (10636)


(1 ჰა - 15100₾) (1 ჰა - 5556$)