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For Sale Land Agmamdelo Marneuli Kvemo Kartli

21.04.2024 6907
(1 m² - 6₾) (1 m² - 3$)
  • Real estate status: Orchards - Fruit lands
  • Area:90000 m²
  • Electricity
  • Artesian well : 100 M
  • Agricultural purpose
  • Three-phase voltage
  • Irrigation system
  • Irrigation channel
Information in details

Exclusive right!!! Listed for sale!! Almond orchard 9 ha. (90,000 sq.m.) in Marneuli. village Praise me for the divorce. Near the populated point. On the side of the central road. There is an asphalted road. An almond orchard of the "Supernova" variety has been planted. (It is a variety of Italian origin. It is a medium-growing plant; the flowering period is medium-late; it does not require pollination; seedlings from 1 to 5 years are grown, periodically filled and partially filled. Grown on 4/5, observing all standards. Under the supervision of an agronomist. This year it produced the first sign of 5 years planted. It will enter full bloom from 7-8 years. (1 ha. yield is 5 tons). The area is completely fenced with barbed wire and reinforcing poles. Electric energy is supplied with a stabilizer, a special current regulator. A well is made - 100 meters deep, with abundant debit, fully absorb. 16-ton industrial iron tank is placed. Irrigation is done, double drip system is installed. Irrigation channel will come down next to the plot. No windy place. Small wagon stands. Price: USD 195,000 (equivalent in GEL); Tel: 592 727247; 592 727200 ;


(1 m² - 6₾) (1 m² - 3$)