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For Sale Land Bakurtsikhe Gurjaani Kakheti

22.05.2024 6609
(1 ჰა - 64003₾) (1 ჰა - 23549$)
  • Real estate status: Orchards - Fruit lands
  • Area:31 ჰა
  • Electricity
  • Transformer : 30 KW
  • River : ალაზანი
  • Vineyard : 7 ჰა. საფერავი
  • Fruit Garden : შერეული ყვლანაირი ხეხილი.
  • Building : 40 m²
  • Agricultural machinery : ყველანაირი.
  • Agricultural purpose
  • Natural gas
  • Three-phase voltage
  • Sewage system
  • Internet
  • Water
  • Irrigation system
  • Irrigation channel
  • Gravel road - 800 მეტრი
  • Asphalt road
  • Panoramic views
  • Fenced area
  • Green space
  • Forest massif
  • Surveillance cameras
Information in details

Exclusive right!!! Listed for sale!!! Gurjaaani district, village In Bakurtsikhe, in the territory of the trial farm, 31 ha. (310,000 sq.m.) rural plot, developed with a vineyard and orchard. A drip irrigation system is installed in the whole area. Cultivated: 7 ha. The vineyard of the Saperavi variety, this year's harvest is 89 tons. Perfectly maintained, without pesticides. Cultivation with a tractor, semi-organic farming, 100-meter-268 plan is carried out between the rows. Planted in compliance with full standards, the distance between rows is 2.40 m. 4-year-old fruit trees planted on the rest of the land. Species: 5,000 root plums (Stanley, President, Empress). 700 zlotys. 1,700 tkemal trees - 15 tons of first harvest this year, 270 alucha trees, 790 pear trees and 300 different types of fruit trees (berries, peaches, almonds, quinces, apples) periodically planted since 2019. The first meeting was this year. This year, 36,000 kg were harvested. Plum. Electricity of 30 kW is included in the plot. power. Also 3 kw. E-mail on solar panels energy. Internet, surveillance cameras are installed. It is fenced and covered with drainage channels. There is a well-furnished house (with a bathroom) for the guards. warehouse space, the so-called "Naves" semi-open type, for equipment. A well, drinking water has been removed. Alazni irrigation channel will come down from two sides. Comes with various equipment: tractor 2019 "Lovol" (50 hp) various types of trailer implements: 1 ton tractor, Turkish; Inter-row harrow, with 4 "Nasadki", Italian-Turkish milling machine, mulcher, cultivator, mini tractor with trailer, Ford Transit car. A fully functioning farm with its equipment is for sale. The farm has its own guards and guards (optional staff). Price: 730,000 USD. dollar. Tel: 592 727200; 592 727247;


(1 ჰა - 64003₾) (1 ჰა - 23549$)