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For Sale Land Cheremi Gurjaani Kakheti

02.11.2023 1577
(1 m² - 9₾) (1 m² - 3$)
  • Real estate status: Plots for villa in regions
  • Area:5000 m²
  • River : გურეხევი
  • Agricultural purpose
  • Gravel road - 4 კმ.
  • Panoramic views
  • Green space
  • Forest massif
Information in details

Price: 0.5 ha. (5000 sq.m.) - amounts to 15,000 USD. dollar. are you interested We recommend not to miss this unique opportunity. Contact me: 592 727247; 592 727200; All my life I hear and write to people who are selling Georgian lands! And now, by the company Ambige Group, it is listed for sale and you are given a unique opportunity to buy a beautiful plot of land in Gurajaani district, village In the Cheremi Forest Reserve, this beautiful area includes, with a total area of: 47.5 ha (475,000 sq.m.) of which can be divided as desired: 0.5 ha. from above, piece by piece and will be sold to anyone. In the idea, a partnership will be created and within that partnership, with a common decision and effort, a new holiday resort/countryside area will be developed, the value of which will never decrease in the future, it's that simple. Moreover, as Mark Twain said: buy land, it is not being produced anymore, that's exactly the price of land is going higher and higher day by day around the world, therefore we have made a decision, you are given a chance to buy plots of farm land, at a very cheap, affordable price, into small areas (we provide division us). A newly built dirt road leads to the territory, the distance from the village of Cheremi is 4 kilometers, there are many temples and shrines on the road: Saint Cheremi. Barbara. St. Teudore's niche church. Kvirike Church. Shrine of Tsiklauri. This wonder is surrounded by such purity and has beautiful panoramic views from which the funicular tower can be seen. There is a mixed terrain, hilly, straight, terraced. It is completely surrounded by forest. A river flows near the plot. It is an ideal environment to organize a holiday complex, cottage type country houses, various entertainment/recreation destinations.


(1 m² - 9₾) (1 m² - 3$)