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For Sale Land Gombori Sagarejo Kakheti

24.07.2024 4487
(1 m² - 6₾) (1 m² - 2$)
  • Real estate status: Farming - Agricultural lands
  • Area:350000 m²
Information in details

Exclusive right!!! Listed for sale!!! 35 ha. (350,000 sq.m.) plot of land in Kakheti. On Gombor, near Ujarmi Castle, at the junction of Padlo/Otaraani. The plot is completely hidden in the massif of a beautiful deciduous forest. It has panoramic views of nature and mountains. The forest strip fences the entire perimeter of the plot, which makes its location unique, creating a tourist-attractive environment, a youth camp-type complex. Ranch type farming. Horticulture - horticulture. It is unique for growing grain crops. A plot is a single array. with slight slanted rales. Fully processable and fully digestible. Communication is with the settlement - 1.8 km. at a distance There is black earth soil, fertile. In 500 meters, the river Iori will descend. Tel: 592 727200; 592 727247; 592 727220;


(1 m² - 6₾) (1 m² - 2$)