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For Sale Commercial Shilda Kvareli Kakheti

22.05.2024 6767
(1 m² - 4023₾) (1 m² - 1480$)
  • Destination of real estate: Chateau / Wine factory
  • Condition: Newly renovated
  • Real Estate Status: New building
  • Area:2500 m²
  • Yard area : 100000 m²
  • Floor / Total : 1
  • Kitchen space : 100 m²
  • Living room : 150 M
  • Conference Room : 100 m²
  • Bathroom : 5
  • Balcony-terrace : 100 m²
  • Warehouse space : 1500 m²
  • Parking : ეზოს პარკინგი
  • Numbers : 2 ლუქს ნომერი
  • Number of seats : 50 პერსონა
  • Cellar
  • Lounge / Entertainment space
  • Including VAT / Income
  • Stained glass - სრულიად ვიტრაჟული
  • Ceiling height - 4 M
  • Furniture
  • Technic
  • Machinery equipment - ღვინის ქარხნის
  • Ventilation system
  • Heating-condensing
  • Noise isolation
  • Water supply
  • Electricity
  • Three-phase voltage
  • Transformer - 450 KW
  • Natural gas
  • Sewerage
  • Internet
  • Surveillance cameras
  • Room for staff
  • Security room
  • Fenced area
  • Vineyard - საფერავი და საჩვენებელი შერეული
  • Green space
  • landscaped yard
  • Freight elevator
  • Truck receiver
  • Distribution network / machines - სხვადასხვა მოძრავი ტექნიკა
  • Non-agricultural
Information in details

Wine is not only the aroma and taste, but also the atmosphere and location that creates it!!! With these words, today I present to you an asset that I have put up for sale with exclusive rights!!! In the heart of Kvareli, in Shilda, in the integral microzone of Kindzmarauli, this wonder, once planted on an empty field, today boasts of its name, visuals and luxurious work. Since 2019, it has been developing periodically and they took care of it like a child, they even chose a name with letters and everyone accepted it and loved it. What does it include? Let me tell you: there is a functioning winery, a factory that meets all quality requirements in any market of the world. If your field of interest is winemaking, producing traditional Georgian, European wine in Georgia, then this unique exclusive offer is for you, which produces up to 30 types of traditional Georgian kvevari and European wines, brandy and chacha. The area covers 10 ha. A plot of land with 2500 m2. New, modern buildings of different purposes, equipped with Italian equipment, equipment and inventory of the winery, are fully equipped and staffed: receive 1400 tons of grapes per season. The production of the factory is up to 6-7 million bottles per year, the total storage volume: 1000 tons of wine, vessels: 420 tons of enamel, cisterns of various types and purposes: 7 pieces - 65 tons, 20 tons - 4 pieces, 11 pieces - 5 tons with cooling jacket of Italian production, 4 Refrigerator, of which 1 shock refrigerator cools down to minus 18 degrees, bottling line, French oak barrels - 53 pieces of 225 liters each, 46 pitchers - 1.5 tons each, 2 receiving presses - Italian. laboratory, an 80-ton scale, with its automated receiver. Ethno space for entertainment. Summer entertainment for 50 people. Kitchen, bakery, bakery, barbecue area, 2 luxury hotel rooms. Household and agricultural equipment tractors 2 pieces, plough, fertilizer, Mercedes Sprinter, car. In the remaining area of the yard, the Saferavi vineyard and the show are mixed. In the Shilda Kindzmaruli microzone, the Saperavi grape acquires the best quality and allows the planting of naturally semi-sweet and semi-dry wines. The winery is equipped with the latest technological equipment for wine processing and storage, which enables the production of high-quality wine. It has a cellar where Kvevari wines are aged according to the traditional Georgian method. has free land for future development. Equipped with all high-speed communications, cameras. Fenced, greened with decorative trees and plants. With beautiful panoramic views of the Caucasus, Grem and Nekres. Wine and brandy material will follow. are you interested I will tell you that its development in the future is amazing, beautiful and immense. Contact me: +995592727247; +995592727200;


(1 m² - 4023₾) (1 m² - 1480$)