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For Sale Commercial Khashmi Sagarejo Kakheti

11.07.2024 5933
(1 m² - 2815₾) (1 m² - 1036$)
  • Destination of real estate: Chateau / Wine factory
  • Condition: Newly renovated
  • Real Estate Status: New building
  • Area:1400 m²
  • Yard area : 37000 m²
  • Floor / Total : 3
  • Kitchen space : 40 m²
  • Living room : 200 M
  • Bathroom : 7
  • Balcony-terrace : 300 m²
  • Warehouse space : 100 m²
  • Parking : ეზოს პარკინგი
  • Numbers : 5
  • Number of persons : 10
  • Number of seats : 100
  • Pool - 160 m²
  • Cellar
  • Lounge / Entertainment space
  • Including VAT / Income
  • Ceiling height - 4 M
  • Furniture
  • Technic
  • Ventilation system
  • Noise isolation
  • Water supply
  • Electricity
  • Three-phase voltage
  • Natural gas
  • Sewerage
  • Internet
  • Surveillance cameras
  • Room for staff
  • Security room
Information in details

Exclusive right!!! Listed for sale!!! Wine cellar in Khashmi. in the microzone of Khashmi. 900 meters from the central highway. high place With beautiful panoramic views of Khashmi and its nature. Total land area: 3.6 ha. (36,000 sq.m.) buildings of various purposes located on it, total area: 1400m2. From here the cellar: 1200m2. Auxiliary buildings: bakery, Georgian corner, auxiliary building of the pool: 200m2. On the 0th floor of the building, a wine cellar of 340 m2 has been made. Filled pitchers with a volume of 45 tons. On the 1st floor - restaurant area, with its own kitchen, bathrooms, open terrace for lounge, 412m2. Completely bricked, loft style, ceiling height 4 meters, flooring work remaining. There are 5 independent apartments/rooms on 2 floors, all with their own bathrooms and terraces. Fully renovated: central heating, air conditioning, soft floor, furniture. The construction is completely finished, the inner and outer perimeters are covered with Georgian bricks, the restaurant's arrangement works remain. Fire systems, Wi-Fi devices, cameras are installed. Partial material has been purchased. There is a pool in the yard on 16/10 _ 160m2. The depth is 1.55 m. Furnished with French liner and Italian appliances, heating. Ethnic space, watchman's room, bakery. It is not fenced, the work of arranging the yard and landscaping remains. 1 ha. It has been prepared as a vineyard terrace. All communications connected, by subscription, own water, well_ hourly debit 40 tons. The cellar blends perfectly with the environment, allowing you to relive the centuries-old history of Khashmi, due to its location, as it is located near the Cholokashvili Palace. Here is everything that a person needs for a good rest. It is possible to build a wine factory, as well as develop winemaking, ethnic space, Georgian cuisine, it is possible to place cottages, arrange various recreation/entertainment spaces. is it interesting I will tell you that very much. Contact me for details: +995592727247; +995592727200;


(1 m² - 2815₾) (1 m² - 1036$)